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[headline tag=’h2′]Overview[/headline]
extra Ingame Content
FAQ (Weapons, Unlocks etc) + Map
Watch Dogs Achievements / Trophies Overview

[headline tag=’h2′]extra Ingame Content[/headline]
[headline tag=’h4′]Single-player Missions[/headline]

Palace Pack

A police raid is planned on the luxury palace of an Internet mogul. His impressive databanks have intimate details on thousands of people”¦including Aiden Pearce. Break inside, wipe the hard drives and escape before the raid begins. (20 minutes additional gameplay)

Rewards (Unlocked upon completion of the DLC mission) include:
– Investigation Bonus – Unlock more investigative opportunities inside the network databanks.
– ATM hack boost – Boost your cash rewards when hacking bank

Breakthrough Pack

A secret gathering is underway. The Chicago Club is negotiating power with Corporate CEOs. The Club has hired scramblers to block surveillance devices. Drive around the city to find the scramblers and take them out. Retrieve all names from the meeting and upload their images to the world. (15 minutes additional gameplay)

Rewards (Unlocked upon completion of the ULC mission)
– Vehicle expert perk – Get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and earn discounts on select cars.

Signature Shot

A biometrics weapon has been smuggled into Chicago for a captain of the Black Viceroys gang. The weapon only works with the first person who holds the gun. Breach a stronghold, steal the package and be the first to hold the weapon. (20 minutes additional gameplay)

Rewards (Unlocked upon completion of the DLC mission):
– Black Viceroys gang colors outfit
– Biometric Assault rifle

White Hat Pack

This Pack is exclusive for Playstation (and the Deluxe Digital Edition for PC). If you want to see Gameplay Video of this DLC click here.
4 exclusive missions with A deeper knowledge of DedSec, an important faction in the Watch_Dogs universe.(60 minutes additional gameplay)

Rewards (Unlocked upon completion of the DLC mission):
– White Hat Hacker Outfit
– HACK BOOST: Add 1 battery slot

[headline tag=’h4′]Outfits[/headline]
Untouchables single player pack: Tommy gun + 1920s Chicago outfit.
Cyberpunk single player pack: cyberpunk gun (a powerful one-handed weapon) + cyberpunk skin.
Blume Agent single player pack: Blume outfit + Weapon boost: less recoil on shots.
DedSec Shadow single player pack: Dedsec outfit + hacking boost: add 1 battery slot.
Club Justice single player pack: Chicago South Club skin + driving boost: more hit points to vehicles.

[headline tag=’h4′]Uplay Unlocks[/headline]
– Golden D50
– Papavero Stealth-Edition

[headline tag=’h2′]Map[/headline]
Here is my Map of Watch_Dogs, not a perfect one, but i did my best 😉

Watch Dogs Map

[headline tag=’h2′]FAQ[/headline]

So... Multiplayer, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 only have four Modes?

Yes. All Plattforms have four Modes

[headline tag=’h4′]Online Hacking (1vs1)[/headline]
Belanger describes this as a “œtechno high-and-seek where you need to steal data from your opponent and get away. He can actually stop you if he finds you with the profiler.”
[headline tag=’h4′]ctOS Mobile Challenge (1vs1)[/headline]
Along with the fully integrated seamless online multiplayer, Watch Dogs also lets another person challenge you via a second screen. The companion app puts players in the role of a ctOS agent controlling the city and trying to stop Aiden Pearce by deploying the police (including a helicopter) and triggering hacks in the world. It”™s a lot of fun for both players, and the app is totally free ““ you don”™t even need to own the game to download and enjoy it. While the app isn”™t set up to sync with your in-game profile, it does have its own progression; players can gain Notoriety and earn money, skills and experience points using the app.
[headline tag=’h4′]Online Tailing (1on1)[/headline]
If you enter someone”™s game, you can follow and observe him. The goal is to gain valuable information before escaping. As Belanger explains, both the tailing and intrusion gameplay are built to “œcreate a neutral-positive dynamic between two players that”™s in the universe of Watch Dogs. If someone comes into your game just to kill you, it”™s not fun.”
[headline tag=’h4′]Online Race (2-4 players)[/headline]
As straightforward as it sounds. Players can use different cars and race on different tracks, all set within the game”™s world.

and PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 have two “Bonus Modes”
[headline tag=’h4′]Freeroam[/headline]
Watch Dogs also includes the ability to free roam with multiple players, which Belanger describes as a more of a “œbonus” than a full mode. “œWe give the city to the players and it”™s all about building your own rules. It”™s unstructured. You could jump in with a bunch of friends and just have fun with the city and the hacks and the systems.”
[headline tag=’h4′]Decryting[/headline]
Those who want a highly competitive team-based throwdown will find it with this four-against-four PvP mode. It”™s fast, it”™s intense, and it”™s fully integrated into the open-world Chicago.

All Weapons List

Name Class Star Price
OCP-11 Assualt Rife 1 Unlock: Online Hacking
416 Assualt Rife 2
Wildfire Assualt Rife 4
417 Assualt Rife 3
AK-47 Assualt Rife 3 Unlock: Gang Hideout / Story Mission
Goblin Assualt Rife 4
Spec Ops Goblin Assualt Rife 4 Unlock: Investigation
ACR Assualt Rife 5
Biometric Rifle Assault Rifle (FA) 5 DLC: Signature Shot
G106 Grenade Lauchners 3
GL-94 Grenade Lauchners 5
P-9mm Pistols 1 Unlock: Cash Run
Px4 Pistols 2
1911 Pistols 3
Spec Ops 1911 Pistols 3
R-33 Pistols 3 7500
D50 Pistols 4
M8-M Pistols 5
MP-412 Pistols ? Promo Code
Golden D50 "Chrome" Pistols 5 Uplay Reward
D50 "Chrome" Pistols 5 Unlock: Cirmies Detected
R-33B Pistols ?
SMG-11 SMG 1 Unlock: ctOS Tower
MP-9mm SMG 2 Unlock: Online Hacking
R-2000 SMG 3 5000
MP-5 SMG 4 15000
Gangster SMG 4 Unlock
M1 SMG "Tommy" SMG 4 DLC: Untouchables single player pack
Spec Ops SMG-11 SMG 2 Unlock: Gang Hideout
Vector .45ACP (Spec Ops) SMG 5 Unlock: Online Tailing
D12 Shotguns 1 Unlock: Audio Logs
SG-90 Shotguns 1 Unlock: Online Tailing
SGR-12 Shotguns 3 6250
M1014 Shotguns 3 12500
Piledriver Shotguns 4 Unlock: Drinking Game
ATSG-12 Shotguns 5 40000
SR-25 Sniper Rifles 2 4000
SVD Sniper Rifles 3
AC-AR Sniper Rifles 4
M107 Sniper Rifles 5
Destroyer Sniper Rifles 5 Unlock: Criminal Convoys
IDE Throwable 5
Proimity IDE Throwable 5
Frag Grenade Throwable 5

Where are the Savegames (PC)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\\0

All my Skills are removed if i go offline (disable Online Invastion) ?!

No, i don’t know why everyone think that.
Only your Notorety Skills will be reset to 0 (the Multiplayer Skills), if you DISABLE Online Mode, not if you go offline. (more about Skills here).


Do i have to install the Game on Xbox 360?

Yes, DVD 1 is the Installdisk, the Gamesize is 6,7 GB. If you have have Space for that you can use a USB Stick or HDD

Does anyone know if the *Walker & South* Clothes shops will be the only ones in the game?

Any chance of getting info on how the blackout works?

You can find the “hack” Blackout at some Places (Weapons Trade Investigations) or you can craft them if you have the skill (and components for that)

Augmented Reality Cards?

They are in the Collector Edition, but you can use print out (or them on screen) withe the H_IDE App

AR Cards


How can i fix mouse accleration?

Go to Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs\(your ID) and open GamerProfile.xml with a text editor. Find the following parameters and change their values as shown below:
– Sensitivity to 1
– UseMouseSmooth to 0
– Smoothness to 0


How to fix the Glitch/Bug in Act 3, Mission 5: For the Portfolio on Xbox One

In Act 3, Mission 5 “For the Portfolio” there is a Glitch where T-Bone won’t move. The Objective should change to”Regroup”, but it remains as “Protect. To fix this just Quit Watch_Dogs, close it and start it again. Then it should work.

Crafting Guide

  Meds System Key Electronic Parts Chemical Componets Unstable Chemical Component
IED 1 1
Proximity IED 1 1
Frag Grenade 1
Lure 1
Blackout 1 1
Jam Communications 1 1
ctOS Scan 1 1
Focus Boost 1

System Keys: This component cannot be bought from any Pawn Shop and the only ways to obtaining them is either by hacking NPCs or by Online Tailing Missions. System Keys are versatile in their use and can be used to craft Blackout, ctOS Scan, and Jam Coms.
Meds and be bought in any Pharmacies
Electronic Parts, CHemical Componets and Unstable Chemicals can be bought at any Pawn Shop (Pawnee)
– Lure, Frag Grenade, IED, Proxyimity IDE, Focus Boost, Jam Coms, Blackouts and ctOS Scans can be bought from Tibias’s Shop (later avalible in Storyline)

[headline tag=’h2′]Watch Dogs Achievements / Trophies Overview[/headline]

01 - Family Man 10GFamily Man [Secret]
Complete Act 1.
02 - Who is Raymond Kenny 10GWho Is Raymond Kenney? [Secret]
Complete Act 2.
03 - One Down One to Go 15GOne Down, One to Go [Secret]
Complete Act 3.
04 - Vengeance 15GVengeance [Secret]
Complete Act 4
05 - Log Off 100GLog Off [Secret]
Complete Act 5.
32 - Traced 15GTraced [Secret]
Get tailed 5 times.
06 - Hello World 15GHello World
Take down Maurice
[5 on XBO]
07 - End of Line 30GEnd of Line
Complete 40 Fixer Contracts
08 - Basest Base 50GBasest Base
Complete every Gang Hideout
09 - Peephole 30GPeephole
Complete every Privacy Invasion
10 - Enforcer 15GEnforcer
Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals
11 - Hard Crash 10GHard Crash
Perform 10 vehicle take downs
12 - Communication Fail 10GCommunication Fail
Using non-lethal takedown, stop 10 civilians from calling to report you
13 - Bookmarked 30GBookmarked
Tag 100 enemies
14 - Power Cycle 10GPower Cycle
Participate in 5 different City Games
15 - Magic Smoke 10GMagic Smoke
Kill 4 enemies within a single instance of Focus
Unbenan123123ntEscape Loop
Escape 15 police chases
[Only on 360, not on XBO]
18 - Scanproof 30GFree Radical
Escape a level 5 police chase
17 - White Rabbit Object 30GWhite Rabbit Object
Escape 15 police scans
18 - Scanproof 30GScanproof
Escape a level 5 police scan
19 - Hardware Fail 15GHardware Fail
Shoot out a tire on 15 different vehicles
20 - Black Hat Trick 30GBlack Hat Trick
Kill 3 enemies with a single IED
21 - Saturday Night Special 15GSaturday Night Special
Complete the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation
22 - Sanity Check 15GSanity Check
Collect all 8 Burner Phones
23 - Read-only 15GRead-only
Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation
24 - Geolocated 30GGeolocated
Check in at every Hotspot
25 - Social Lubricant 15GSocial Lubricant
Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents
26 - Hackification 30GHackification
Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy Fixers in Online Hacking
27 - Piggyback 30GPiggyback
Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy Fixers in Online Tailing
28 - Superhighway 30GSuperhighway
Complete 10 Public Online Races
29 - System Mangler 30GSystem Mangler
Complete every ctOS Breach
30 - Stealth Cookie 30GStealth Cookie
Complete an Online Tailing without being detected
31 - Freeware 100GFreeware
Unlock every Skill in the Skills Tree
32 - Traced 15GThey Call Him The Vigilante
Complete every Investigation
34 - Road Rage 30GRoad Rage
Complete every Criminal Convoy
35 - Revoking Client Privileges 15GRevoking Client Privileges
Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation
36 - Darkness Looms 15GDarkness Looms
Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation
37 - Disk Space Full 30GDisk Space Full
Unlock every song with the SongSneak app
38 - Clear Signals 30GClear Signals
Unlock every ctOS Tower

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