Mit dem Gecko OS nun auch unter 3.3 Tucha Signed Games laden

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dank der Homebrew Anwendung GeckoOS lassen sich nun auch unter der Wii Version 3.3 wieder bearbeitete und importierte Spiele starten.

Kopiert einfach den geckoos Ordner in den apps Ordner auf eurer SDKarte und startete die Anwendung รผber den Homebrew Channel.

Download: [download#14#size#nohits]
Changelog 1.07b: [spoiler]GeckoOS 1.07b

Whats new:

1. No copy flag bit in saves now removed when copying no copy flag save games.

In previous version you could copy no copy saves but it left the no copy flag bit in the save so unless you used a Hex editor you couldn’t copy the save game back to your Wii. Now this bit is removed when you copy the save over. Thanks Kenobi for this patch.

You need the rebooter to copy no copy saves to SD card, but of course you can copy them back without rebooter loaded just like any other standard save.

Gecko OS 1.07a

Whats New:


1. Added a new No Copy Flag code patch, now removes all types of save game to SD copy protection, so now works with games such as GH3 and Virtual console game saves with save states etc. (Patch by Kenobi & Brkirch)
2. Can move DVD channel! (Patch by Pizzaboy)

new in 1.07

3. USB Gecko Rebooter with Master hook!
7. Universal System Menu rebooter options!

What is Rebooter?

This is pure USB Gecko awesomeness, What this does is reboots the console but with a ‘Master Hook’ enabled. Which means you can use WiiRD just about anywhere, including the system menu itself for remote debugging, downloading, testing patches or in any games.

If you are a cheat code hacker, master hook will stay alive when your game is loaded so you can remote debug any game that wasn’t possible with GeckoOS normal loader. We have even created a silent loader which will also boot all Multi DOL games like Red Steal and house of the dead 2/3 which was not possible before!.

Exta Rebooter Options: (Can be used even if no USB Gecko)

1. Boot into Recovery Diagnostics mode (Boots Nintendo Diagnostic DVD’s)
2. Boot all Import Games (Wii & Gamecube) (no modchip required!) As an added bonus our patch detects the game inserted and will patch the correct TV mode. All DVD update checks will be removed when this is selected.
3. Skip Button check – Just skips the A button check.
4. No Copy flag. With this enabled, you can now copy your protected Wii save games (SSBB etc) to SD card in the system menu as you would any other save![/spoiler]

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