First you need to get to Level 10, for that you need to learn every Skill. Then you need to find one of the nine Level 10 schematics, I complete all Templar Hunts for Henry Green to get the Legendary Assassin Kukri Blueprint. Every Level 10 Item also needs a Unique Material, for the For the Legendary Kukri you need the Ulfberth Blade, that you can find in one of the Gold Chest in Westminster.

All Level 10 (Secret) Items

TypeNameUnlock how?Unique Material
Outfits (Jacob)Baron Jordane's Finery?Sea Silk
Belt (Jacob)Beer Collector BeltCollect all Beer Bottles(none)
Belt (Jacob)Legendary Assassin BeltComplete Sequence 9 - Memory 4Dinosaur Talon
WeaponLegendary Assassin KukriComplete all Templar Hunts for Henry GreenUlfberth Blade
WeaponEagle's Splendor KnucklesComplete all Gang Strongholds for Henry Green
GauntletsLegendary Assassin GauntletComplete all Child Liberation for Clara O'DeaBluestone
Cape (Evie)Aegis CloakComplete Sequence 9 - Memory 4
Cape (Evie)Royal CloadComplete every Mission for the Queen(none)
Outfits (Jacob)Maximum DraculaComplete Sequence 8Wabar Pearl
Outfits (Evie)Nightshade Cloak?Boudicca's Torque

List of where to get all Unique Materials

    Waber Pearl: Gold Chest at the Trainstain in The Strand
    Fire Opal: Level 1 Unlock from Nerd Wynert
    Lignum Vitae: Gold Chest in Westminster
    Ulfberth Blade: Gold Chest in Westminster
    Golden Spider Silk: Gold Chest in
    Rodium: Gold Chest in…
    Sea Silk: Gold Chest in…
    Gold Obsidian: Level 2 Unlock from Nerd Wynert
    Black Diamond: Level 3 Unlock from Nerd Wynert
    Bluestone Unique: Gold Chest in
    Tanjore Poison: Gold Chest in…

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