That Helped, Right?

In contrast to the other heroes you need to level your fragtrap to Level 25 to get this hero specific Achievement called “That Helped, Right?”

There are 15 total modes that Claptrap can use in Vault Hunter.EXE
– Funzerker
– Shhhhh… Trap
– Miniontrap
– Blightbot
– Mechromagician
– Meat Unicycle
– Rubber Ducky
– Med Bot (only in local/online coop, if your partner is below 100hp or dead)
– Nonsensical Sacrifice (only in local/online coop, if your partner(s) are dead)
– Torgue Fiesta (Boomtrap Skilltree)
– Pirate Ship Mode (Boomtrap Skilltree)
– Clap-in-the-Box (I Love You Guys! Skilltree)
– Gun Wizard (I Love You Guys! Skilltree)
– One Shot Wonder (Fragmented Fragtrap Skilltree)
– Laser Inferno (Fragmented Fragtrap Skilltree)

Took me about five minutes in Splitscreen to get Med Bot & Nonsensical Sacrifice, i recommend that you reset your skills so that you don’t get the other six Modes from the Skilltree

To reset your Skill Points just use the “New-You” Station in Concordia

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