Dastardly Deeds


Dastardly Deeds [Feige Taten]

Completed all Basso Jobs in The City
[In der Stadt alle AuftrÁ¤ge von Basso erledigt]




80 GS

List of all 25 Sidejobs from Basso.
– You get five after you meet Basso.
– Ten more when you see him at the Siren Rest (after Chapter 4) again.
– After Chapter 5 you get five more from Basso (he is back hat his Office in Stonemarket (Tavern: The Crippled Burrick))
– After Chapter 6 he give you the last five Jobs (still has Office in Stonemarket)

A Note from a44Special (can’t confrim that)
If you steal any of the treasures early before you get the job for that item like I did because i like to explore, the game will not count it as being done and you will not receive the achievement. Makes me wish you had to collect the items than return to Basso to turn them in.

Stonemarket / Market Street
1) A Grave Matter: Steal Grandpa’s ashes
2) Beauty Within
3) Medical Misery [XBONE] [Xbox360]
4) Sick Willy: Sick Willy’s Gold Watch
5) Writing Wrongs

South Quarters / Riverside
6) A Strike of Madness
7) The Disappearing Poet: Retrieve the poet’s last pieces
8) Taking a Fence
9) A Lady’s Bequest
10) Watch your Step
11) Saving Face
12) Casing the Cargo: Steal the Watch census
13) Poor Protection
14) Shark Bait
15) Fit for a Queen: Retrieve Comfort’s necklace

16) Check, Mate: Steal back Basso’s chess piece (at Stonemarket/Mourningside)
17) Long Drop Full Stop: Retrieve Basso’s pen (at Stonemarket/Blackfurrow)
18) The Path to Riches: Steal White Sail’s documents
19) Eyes on the Prize: Steal the telescope mechanism
20) A Grave Matter: Steal Grandpa’s ashes (Stonemarket/Marketstreet)

21) ??
22) The Rule of Thumb: Steal Jeb’s scissor
23) The Witch of Stonemarket: Steal the rital knife
24) The Point of Store loot
25) The Tinker’s Trinket: Steal the Thief-Maker’s trinket

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