Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Missions


Prague #1

M3: Find Koller Inside the Bookstore

before you do that Mission, you may want to unlock the Time Traveler Achievement first

M4: Checking Out TF29

M5: Claming Jurisdiction

M6: Taking Care of Business

Side Missions Prague #1

SM00: Neon Nights

Use the PC in the Poor Apartments, Door Nr 22 to start this Mission

SM01: The Golden Ticket

There are several Ways to start this Quest, you can go trough the Checkpoint or directly go to the Girl in Knochky & Hrachy

SM02: Cult of Personality – Achievement

This Quest can be started in the Sewers – Level 4. (Where to Enter). Speak with the Guy standing in front of a locked Door

Careful the Achievement is missable, walktrough here

SM03: The Mystery Augs

This should start after M3: Find Koller Inside the Bookstore automaticly. Info: The Quest seems maybe broken, since you should call Sarif, but you cant call him. This is just a poor design issue, the Quest contines after you 2nd and 3th visit in Prague

SM04: The Calibrator

This Mission starts after M4: Checking Out TF29 automaticly

SM05: Samizdat

Visit TF29 and speak to Peter Chang at Level 2 to start this Sidequest

SM06: 01011000

To start the Quest simply find a glitched ad panel and interactive with it. Then go to your new point of interest to start the Quest [Walktrough Video]

Golem City

M6: The Rucker Extraction

Prague #2

M8: Tracking down the real Terrorists

M9: Checking out the Men in charge

M10: Facing the Engima

M11: Confonrting the Bomb-Maker

M12: The Heist

Side Missions Prague #2

SM07: Fade to Black

Find and talk to Dr. Auzenne in TF29

SM08: The Fix

This Mission is only avalible in your second Vist. To start it you need to have completed the folloing Missions: M11: Confonrting the BOmb-Maker OR M12: THe Heist

SM09: All in the Family

You get this Quest automaticly but only if you talked the right way with Otar while on the SM04: The Calibrator Mission

SM10: The Harvester – Achievement

Go to the Area near the Sewers Entry near to your Apartment, then the Quest should start


M13: G.A.R.M.

Quick Ghost-sneaktrough Video

Prague #1

M14: Hunting down the Final Clues

Side Missions Prague #3

SM11: The Last Harvest

Only avalible if you started SM10: The Harvester and completed it the right way. One Floor below your Apartment you should find the Detective where you can continue the Quest

SM12: K is for Kazdy

This Quest is only avalible if you completed SM05: Samizdat. You will get a Text via your Infolink and a new POI, this Quests starts there


M15: Securing the Convention Center

M16: Stopping Marchenko

M15: Securing the Convention Center