SM02: Cult of Personality

This achievement is missable if you do SM02: Cult of Personality “the quick way”

Go into the Sewers near your Apartment and speak with Viznik and use Viznik Keycard at the Keycard Reader. Inside you can’t use any Augmentations or Weapons.

The short (and missable way) to complete the Quest: Go up the Leader, hack the Door (or use a Multitool (you can craft them right away), kill Richard – Quest Done

The long way: Find the Crumpled Poster in the right Corner on a engerybox. This gives you a new Quest Marker in čistá čtvr (this means clean neighborhood).

There find Liborio Baradoro in the Magic Shop “Negozi Di Magia”, we will provide you with three Scambling Devices. Take the Metro back to Překážka and enter the Cult Area again.

Here you need to install the Scambling Devices near the Emitters in the 2nd Level. Since you can use any Augmentations you just the Barrel to block the View of the Gun turrets (why the fuck do they see you if you move the barrel?!) or you can hack the Level 5 Door, sneak pass Richard and use the Computer to deactivate the Gun turrets.

After you installed all Scambling Devices go back to the first Floor and use the Microphone and talk to Richard. In the Conversation use Pity then Mitigate to unlock this Achievement