The Button – Secret Developer Paint Jobs at Harran Powerplant

To get to this Location you first need to find the Blueprint “Tolga’s Folly” (The Button), it’s locked inside a Mysterious box here (to open the Box you need the Hacking Device, if you don’t have it – read below)

If you build the Button you have to press it a few times (took me over 20 times) at some Point you land in the Harran Powerplant (you may remember it from here), which you can’t access any other way. Here you can loot the following Buggy Paints: Team Wroclaw, Team Oscow, Team Vancouver and Team Warsaw. You can leave there by pressing a button on one of the Doors or use The Button again.

The Hacking Tool
After the Main Quest “The Gathering” you see or hear a Plane going down, follow the new Side Quest “Crash Boom Bang” to find the two Brothers Fatin and Tolga. Do all four Side Quests for them, after they “left” you can find the Hacking Tool where they left off (Location in the Dying Light Map)