interactive Hyper Light Drifter Map


  • Progress Tracker, rightlick (long-press on mobile) to mark as collected


Hyper Light Drifter Map created by lordfiSh. Orginal Code by untamed untamed0, with contributions from:

  • mcarver (lead contributor) – Marker count, hash permalink improvements, backup/restore settings, numerous fixes etc
  • ankri – Ability to hide markers on right or double click
  • ITroxxCH – Translation/i18n implementation
  • msmorgan – Javascript & map data structure improvements

Hyper Light Drifter Assets

Hyper Light Drifter logo, icons, map & text are the property of Heart Machine and used with there permission.

  • Andy6000 – for the initial Hyper Light Drifter Map
  • hiryu64 – for the updateded version
  • Javascript libraries used