Hyper Light Drifter Outfits

Image / NameEffectLocation
Red-Starting Gear
BlueDecreases time between sword slash combos (allows you to attack again sooner after the third strike in a combo).North - Near the City, behind a 10 Key Lock
FuchsiaIncreases the speed with which your ammo bar recharges from melee attacks.South - Behind a 16 Key Lock Door
WhiteDecreases the time it takes to interact with something (opening doors, picking up health packs, etc.).East- behind a 8 Key Lock
YellowIncreased movement speed.
OrangeIncreases the rate at which grenades recharge (by approximately 25%).East - behind a 1 Key Door
Green/BlueMakes it easier to perform chain-dashes(? if so, the effect is extremely slight, widening the timing by possibly only a single frame; alternatively, it may reduce the delay between non-chain-dash dash combos).
PinkYou start recovering stamina sooner.
BlackNormal melee attacks cause more extreme deaths (e.g. decapitation, as though the charged slash was used). The effect is purely cosmetic; enemies don't take additional damage.
OchreIncreases your maximum health by 1.
PurpleDoubles your stamina (e.g. a special move that previously consumed half the bar will now only consume a quarter of it).
NG+Reduces your maximum health to 2 and stops you from being able to change your equipped cape
Golden -Kickstarter Reward
Alt-Kickstarter Reward

Source: mostly this Steamguide