Proxy War without end

Mission Tasks
– Elimated the gunship
-Elimated 2 tanks
– Elimated 2 armored vehicles
– Extracted 2 tanks and 2 armored cevicles
– Extracted the armored column’s commander
– Secured the rough diamoid hiddeen by the armored column’s commander
– secuzred the blueprint the gunstip was carrying

* Mission max. Time for S-Rank: 8 min
* Mission Length: 14min
* All Objectives at first Run: no
* Recommended Buddy: D-Dog
* Recommended Items: –

S RANK Playtrough

Sadly you can’t (or i haven’t figure out how) complete this Mission with S-Rank and get all Mission Tasks done. So Play this Mission two Times.

missing Mission Tasks Playtrough

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