Payday 2: Doctor Fantastic

For the Start: Every one get this Achievement, not only the Host. On day 2 of the Big Oil job…

[headline tag=’h3′]you find a Notebook in the Lap that tells your the Color of the Can[/headline]

  • Helium = Blue Can
  • Deterium = Blue Can
  • Nitrogen = Green Can

Optional: Pack every Engine that don’t have a the your Color Can. I got Nitrogen = Green.

[headline tag=’h3′]Next we search for a Clipboard (also in the Lap)[/headline]

  • 1x H = One Nozzle
  • 2x H = Two Nozzles
  • 3x H = Three Nozzles

That tell you how many Nozzles are connected two the big Blue can. In this Example: two. Now pack does away, that have one and three Nozzles.

[headline tag=’h3′]For the last Part you need to find this Monitor (careful can be destroyed)[/headline]

That tell you that Prototype Pressure is:

  • <= 5812psi --> exactly or below 400 Bar
  • = 5812psi –> exactly 400 Bar
  • >= 5812psi –> exactly or greater 400 Bar. [b] Now we know that the Prototype has a Green Can connected, uses two Nozzles and the Pressure Level should be below or exactly 400 Bar

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