Payday 2: Guessing Game

We warned: this worst Achievement in this Game, its completely based on luck

To get this Achievement you need to cut two right Cables inside the Security Boxes to deactivate the Alarm from the Server Room and escape with the Server unseen. Problem is you don’t know with cables are the right ones, if you cut the wrong one the alarm goes on – thats why the Achievement is called Guessing Game.

Statically seen you have a 10% Change (or 16.7% if there are only four Security Boxes) to deactivate the alarm … well Theoretically, took me four hours. I wish that you don’t have to try this Level over and over again.

I highly recommend to play this Level solo, so you can restart faster. Also you should be Level 50+, because you need a few Skills:
Aced Dominator, Mastermind T4 (You can now intimidate non-special enemies.)
AND Aced Silent Drilling Skill, Technican T4 (Your drill is silent. Civilians and guards have to see the drill in order to sound the alarm.)
OR Aced ECM Overdrive, Ghost T5 (ECM jammer can open doors which require keycards.)

Skills that are helpfull

  • Aced Cleaner, Ghost T2 (You can bag and throw corpses.)
  • Smooth Talker, Mastermind T3 (At least 4 pagers can be answered.)
  • Aced Shinobi, Ghost T3 (Your faster while crouching and Enemies make less noise when shot or meleed to death.)

Start the Mission Firestarter (dont pick a Projob, then you can’t Restart the Mission), and play to Day 2. Run in the FBI Office and just cut the next two Security boxes that you can find (you have to stand up to cut the cable), be sure to close the boxes after. If you see a Guard intimidate him (the other Guards don’t mind them, if they see them. PC has this “bug” patched, maybe Xbox Version get it too). Don’t destroy any cameras or kill Guards if you don’t have the Aced Cleaner Skill – Guards will trigger the Alarm.

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