War Of The Stones

The Jahrl Leonard tasks you to find out what happend. Now follow the Blood Trail to the Knight’s Tomb. If you don’t have the Titan Dictionary from the Wizards house (The Hunt in Hunters’ Edge Quest) , just sneak trough or kill the Eternal Guardian’s. Pro Tip: If the Guardian’s only see only one Hero, only one Guardian will attack you. They have 100% Elementary Attacks, so if you are 100% Fire, Water, Earth and Position Resistant you can kill them easily. If not don’t even try, they to 3500 DMG. Next you need normally a Perception of 11 to see the Footprints and follow then to the Tomb, but you glitch trough. Just let one Hero die and review him on the other side.


After the Gate you find a Immculat’s Corpse, next to him a Broken-off Horn. Take the Horn back to Jahrl Leonard and a fight breaks between humans and Orcs break out. Carefull with AOE Spells, don’t hit the Tribesman. Protect at least one of one tree Named Tribesman: Julian, Leny or Richard, you need to talk to one of them after the Fight to complete the Quest. Sadly the Quests is heavily bugged, most of the Time they Tribesman (and the Cat 🙁 ) turn hostile…


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