no Achievements unlocking anymore (Prey) Profile: fiShiZ
TA Profile:
Game installed again: ✓
Profile removed & added again: ✓
Console restarted: ✓, I don’t use Instant-On
waited 72 hours: ✓ – no, but no “Done! Unlocking…”
followed anything @ Achievement Unlocking Issues? : ✓
submitted the Achievement Survey @ ✓

I played trough the Game in about 20 hours, starting Friday. The Console wars connected all the time.

Since I’m trough the Game I should at least unlocked 10 Achievements. Yesterday I installed the Game again and today I also removed and added my Account again. Loaded my last Savegame and tried to unlock the following three Achievements

1 – Know Thy Self (Acquire a Human power.)
2 – Know Thine Enemy (Acquire a Typhon power.)
3 – Thoughts Can Kill – This is a rare achievementUse Psychoshock on a Human.

Stangly the Gamehub shows no Achievements seems to be tracking my Gametime, but not more