Bugged Achievement, I’ve tried do to this like 100 Times with Devil”™s Puffball (Poison Bombs) but they won’t work with that Achievement. For me it finaly unlocked with the Viper-School Gear for that.

  • You should be about Level 17 and used most Places of Power (or be a higher Level), so you can unlock the Crippling Strike Skill in the Combat Skill tree and equip it.
  • You need 1000 Gold to buy the Potion of Clearance to reset you Skill points – if you are not 100% in the Combat Skill tree
  • Build the Serpentine Steel Sword and may get a Greater Moranda Runestone to increase the chance to poison – the
  • it helps if you have Tawny Owl to speed up Stamina regeneration

Now hit non-monster Enemies (you can use the Serpentine Silver Sword for Monsters, but is has a lower Poison chance, also a few Monstertypes are immune to poison ), they should bleed everytime you hit – thanks to the Crippling Strike Skill and use Igni to ignite them. A good place to do this is Aribjorn and Sund in Skiellige: there are a few wolf and they respawn if you Fast Travel.

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