Basest Base

Basest Base Complete every Gang Hideout

There”™s a total of 15 Gang Hideouts to complete. All should be revealed to you as you take down ctOS Towers (for the two in Pawnee, complete Act 3) and are shown on the map by a blue fist icon.

If you not have any Icon left drive lose to those location, and check if they get remotely activated.

Once a Gang Hideout shows up on your map, head to it”™s location to find a small area swarming with enemies. All you”™re tasked with is find out which one is you target and either taking them down or killing them. Normal do go stealthy to find out whats the Target or using the Cameras, but that take to long. I”™ll recommend using a ctOS Scan, the Target will always be Level 2 Guy with no Armor or Helm on ““ this lets you finish the Gang Hideouts faster 😉

Unlocks: AK-47, Rapid Reload Skill and the Spec Ops SMG-11

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