Payday 2: Doctor Fantastic

For the Start: Every one get this Achievement, not only the Host. On day 2 of the Big Oil job…

you find a Notebook in the Lap that tells your the Color of the Can

  • Helium = Blue Can
  • Deterium = Blue Can
  • Nitrogen = Green Can

Optional: Pack every Engine that don’t have a the your Color Can. I got Nitrogen = Green.

Next we search for a Clipboard (also in the Lap)

  • 1x H = One Nozzle
  • 2x H = Two Nozzles
  • 3x H = Three Nozzles

That tell you how many Nozzles are connected two the big Blue can. In this Example: two. Now pack does away, that have one and three Nozzles.

For the last Part you need to find this Monitor (careful can be destroyed)

That tell you that Prototype Pressure is:

  • <= 5812psi –> exactly or below 400 Bar
  • = 5812psi –> exactly 400 Bar
  • >= 5812psi –> exactly or greater 400 Bar. [b] Now we know that the Prototype has a Green Can connected, uses two Nozzles and the Pressure Level should be below or exactly 400 Bar