Equipment & Weapon Parts Location Guide

Lock Pick
Piercing Truth
Crafting Toolcan be bought in the Supply Shack, but you get it for free later
Enhancment Tool
Refinement Tool
Boadhead Arrowheads
POisen Arrows
Fire Arrows
Napalm ArrowsLevel 3 Survivor Skill
Greek FireChalles Tomb in the Lost City
Greate Arrows
Grenade / Lauchner
Hollow-Point Rounds
Dragonfire Shells
Recurve Bow [Bow]
Compound Bow [Bow]
Ancient Horn Bow [Bow]
Grim Whisper [Bow]
Death's Breath [Bow]
White Widow [Bow]Sparrowhawk DLC
Guiding Light [Bow]Ancient Vanguard DLC
Dreamstinger [Bow]Baba Yaga DLC
Revolver [Handgun]
Semi-Auto Pistol [Handgun]
Heavy Pistol [Handgun]
Accipiter Nox [Handgun][Image] [Image] same has the Semi-Auto Pistol. Part of the Siberian Ranger DLC
Moon Shadow [Handgun]DLC
Venom Hand Cannon [Handgun]DLC
??? [Handgun]
SMG [Rifle]
Assaut Rifle [Rifle]
Bolt Action Rife [Rifle]
Military Rife [Rifle]
??? [Rifle]
Pump-Action Shotgun [Shotgun]
Break-Action Shotgun [Shotgun]
Full-Action Shotgun [Shotgun]
Tactical Shotgun [Shotgun]
Thunderclap [Shotgun] ???
??? [Shotgun]
Climbing Axe
Wreckoner Battle AxeHope Bastion Preorder DLC

Avid ShopperPurchase all items from the Supply Shack

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