Deus Ex GO Gold/Mastermind Solutions

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If you like puzzle Games and plan to play Deus Ex Mankind Divided (on Xbox One and PC) then you get up to five Praxis Kit for the Game if you complete the Andorid or iOS Verison of Deus Ex Go

Novak’s Mansion (Level 1-6)

Restricted Area (Level 7-14)

    Level 7 – Line of Fire
    Level 8 – Resourceful
    Level 9 – Playing Both Sides
    Level 10 – Open Secret
    Level 11 – Complete Circuit
    Level 12 – Trace Back
    Level 13 – Shields Up
    Level 14 – Ghosts

Kostbar Bank (Level 15-22)

Ironflank HQ (Level 23-30)

Ironflank Bunker (Level 31-38)

    Level 31 – Caught Unaware
    Level 32 – Work Around
    Level 33 – Complications
    Level 34 – Red Alert
    Level 35 – Remote Hacking
    Level 36 – Over and Out
    Level 37 – Close Call
    Level 38 – Trade Secret

Secret Lab (Level 39-46)

Novak’s Escape (Level 47-54)

Week 1: Rotating Walkers (15.08.)

Week 2: Augmentations Spotlight (22.08.)

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