Rise of the Tomb Raider – Interactive Map

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Map with every Tomb, Crypts, Challenges, relics, strongboxes, documents, murals, Mission Locations, survival caches, coin caches, equipment, achievements, Archivists Maps, Explorer Satchels, Monoliths and extra Coins. Still work in progress…

SyriaSiberian WildernessGlacial CavernSoviet InstallationAbandoned MineGeothermal ValleyThe Acropoliss
Flooded ArchiveResearch BaseThe OrreryPath of the DeathlessThe Lost CityWicked Vale (Baby Yaga DLC)


  • Interactive map with all Collectibles in game
  • Multiple languages (in progress, scroll down)
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Easily link your map view to others, address bar is automatically updated with a permalink
  • Collapsible sidebar
  • Fullscreen option (both desktop and mobile)


Help out / translate

Crowdin has a awseome inline translation tool, if you want to help translate or add a Info Location (lets say a Document) you just goto dev.riseofthetombraidermap.de/d (at this time the Option is only for the Soviet Installtion map active) then you click the Icon and then you can easy translate, since you see the change directly. If you want to add a Description for an Item chose English-UK


  • lordfiSh

    Feedback is welcome

  • BuncyTheFrog

    In the Wicked Vale, the document in the South-East of the boss room that requires using the rope arrows and lifts is mislabeled. The one more to the East is marked with the “here’s how” video, as opposed to the one more to the South, which is the document that video is showing.

  • Dan

    You’re missing 1of the posters in the challenge “Difference of Opinion” I can only see six.