Assassin’s Creed IV: Destroyer


To upgrading your ship fully you not only need a shitload of €€€ and metal, for the last update of every weapon and one storage you also need to find a upgrade plan for it. Look at the Excavator Guide for a Video of every* location

    1) elite swivel guns: Devil”™s Eye Caverns (487, 357)
    2) elite set of cannons: The Blue Hole (471,170)
    3) elite Fire Barrels: San Juan (479, 487)
    4) elite harpoon: Andreas Island (579, 720)
    5) elite heavy shot: Misteriosa (306, 195)
    6) elite heavy shot storage: Petite Cavern (901, 263)
    7) elite fire Barrel Storage: Isla Providencia (502, 44)
    8) elite ram: La Conception Wreck (181,296)
    9) elite Round Shot: Kabah Ruins (769,145)
    10) elite hull: San Ignacio Wreck (379, 770)
    11) elite Mortars: (Antocha, 630,660)

Your Main Income is Kenway’s Fleet and boarding Ships with a lot of ships with sugar and rum on board, 100 Sugar worth 2000R and 100 rum worth 1500 R. Also search for treasure fleets and dig all 4000 R treasure chests (Excavator Guide).

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