Map is working in progress, should be done in 1-2 days: hitmanmap.de

  • you can right-click Challenges to marked them as completed
  • search for Items Challenge (and their solutions) (right side, magnifier icon)
  • create your own markers (right side, note icon)
  • share locations (right click, copy the url)

Discuss on: reddit or the hitman forum

If anything is missing, right-click and copy the URL here. You have a better description of an Item or better Solution for a Challenge? Use the in-context translation Tool and choose English, UK (see below). You want to help translate? Use: crowdin.hitmanmap.de or use the cool in-context tool at translate.hitmanmap.de, if a language is missing I can add them. If you want to help with the code (jQuery/Leaflet) send me a message.

2016-03-17 07_12_46-Fotos

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