There are at least serveral Misc Objectives that you can do, you can find them in your PipBoy under Data-Quests-Miscellaneous. Complete 50 of them to unlock the Mercenary Achievement/Trophy

Misc Quest Name / Giver
Atom Cats GarageZekeTalk to Rowdy
Atom Cats GarageRowdyRepair the water pup at Warwick
Atom Cats GarageJuneReturn to Rowdy
Atom Cats GarageZeke Defeat the Gunners
Atom Cats GarageRowdyTalk to Zeke
Bunker HillJoe Savoldi (Bartender) Find any trace of Brent Savoldi
Bunker HillDebDeb
Bunker HillKesslerKill Zeller
Bunker HillKesslerRescue any caravan survivors
Bunker Hill / East Bosten Preparatory Schoolcaravan survivorsTalk to Kessler
Combat Zone Combat ZoneVisit the Combat Zone
Diamond City Diamond City's Most Wantedlisten to Marty's holotape, starts Sidequest The Gilded Grasshopper
Diamond CitySheng Kawolski, at the See ask im "looking for work": Clean the Water Supply
Diamond CityAbbot (at the NW-Wall)starts Sidequest Painmting the Town
Diamond CitySheffieldgive Sheffield (he is on the Market) a Nuka Cola
Diamond CityGeneva (mayor Assistant)Check Out wanted Posters in the Market
Diamond Citywanted PosterClear the Feral Ghouls from Mass Pik Tunnel
Diamond Citywanted PosterClear the Trinity Church
Diamond CityGeneva (mayor Assistant)Visit your Home in Diamont City (2000 Caps)
GoodneighborBobbistarts The Big Dig (Sidequest)
GoodneighborWhitechapel Charlie (The Third Trail)Clear out the Waehouses
GoodneighborWhitechapel Charlie (The Third Trail)Return to Whitechapel Charlie
GoodneighborFred Allen (Hotel Rexford)Bring a HalluciGen Canister to Fred Allen
Graygarden Supervisor Brown?
Graygarden Supervisor Green?
Jamaica Plain Treasure of Jamaica Plain?
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery Mystery Meat?
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery Trader Rylee?
Rocky Cave Virgil's Cure?
Rook Family House Barney Rook?
Rook Family House Barney RookActiveate Barney's Turrents
Rook Family House Barney RookReport back to Barney
The SlogArlen GlassSearch the Atomatoys Factory for Toy Parts
The SlogToy PartReturn to Arlen Glass
Vault 75 Vault 75?
SanctuaryMama MurphyBuild Mama Murphy her Chair
SanctuaryMama MurphyBring Mentats to Mama Murphy
Defend Settlement(s)n/aHelp defend xxx
Vertibirdn/a(if you have with the Brotherhood): Call a Vertibird with the Grante (gives you a Misc Objec.), get in and fast travel. Let im leave and repeat

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