A Quite Exit

Mission Tasks

  • Made contact with Quiet
  • Eliminated the Soviet mechanized unit
  • Obtained Quiet’s cassette tape
  • Extracted 7 tanks and 7 armored vehicles
  • Completed the mission without Quiet taking damage

* Mission Length fast:
* Mission max. Time for S-Rank: 20 min
* All Objectives at first Run: no
* Recommended Buddy: –
* Recommended Items: Parasite Suit + Armor and Mist Parasites

To unlock this Mission you need:
– have Quite as a Buddy (you could kill her at Mission 11)
– have a Standing with Quite at least at 8/10
– don’t have the Butterfly in your Emblem (if you have it: change it, go to Freemode and return to Motherbase)
then SideOp 150 should start automatically and then unlock Mission 45

S-Rank Guide

remaining Mission Tasks Guide

Completing all Mission Tasks is hard, may the hardest Part of the Game. The Main Difficulty is to extract all (seven Tanks and APCs) armored Vehicles. The Main Problem is that you can’t order Quiet to stop shooting, she kills the APCs with 2-3 Shots – if you are too slow you can restart the Checkpoint.

I recommend to equip Parasite Suit, but don’t take the Armor and Mist Parasites with you. Drop them when you are landed, the reason is that you will continuities receive supplies and that coast you Parasites every drop. (To farm Armor Parasites replay Mission 29: Metallic Archaea, for Mist Parasites replay Mission 6: Where do the Bees Sleep?, if you have extracted then you can just “back to ACC” to save some time.) Use a mix of Mist and Armor to get to the vehicles but focus on the APCs early since Quiet and destroy them quickly

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