Aim True, Ye Vengeful

Mission Tasks
– Extracted the militant’s XO
– Extracted the child soldier’s commander
– Extracted the prisoner who escaped from Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post
– Extracted 12 (all) child soldiers
– used a vehicle to extract the child soldier’s commander and militant’s XO simuaneously
– Picked a digitalis (purpura) at Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post

* Mission Length fast: max 8 min
* Mission max. Time for S-Rank: 6 min
* All Objectives at first Run: yes
* Recommended Buddy: D-Dog with Fulton
* Recommended Items: RENOV-ICKX TP with a Silencer

Start with D-Dog at 18:00 and goto Point [1] and get four Children and the prisoner (sleeping Gas Specialist) then middle of the Outpost get the militant’s XO and the child soldier’s commander and put them in your Jeep. Extract the remaining child soldier’s from the Outpost and [3] and pick the digitalis (purpura) [4] and leave the Hot Zone – S-RANK and Perfect Stealth & no Kills in 8 min

Screenshot (Sep 6, 2015 12-12-25 PM)

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