The Man Who Sold The World

Real Requirements to unlock Mission 46
All the Guides on the Net are not right… to unlock Mission 46 you need:

  • Completed all yellow SideOps
  • Completed all normal Missions (not the Extreme, Total Stealth etc ones)
  • listened to all yellow casset tapes (missed that, took me forever to figure that out. None of the Guides told me that)
  • You don’t need to complete Mission 45, since you may don’t have Quiet as a buddy

Mission Tasks:
– Eliminated 6 soldiers at the hospital entrance
– Landed 20 or more shots on the man on fire

You probably ending up playing this mission four times (since your don’t know the Missions Tasks in the Prolog and now again), which is a pain – since this mission is so long. I hope you find the Mission Tasks her before starting this Mission.

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