Mission Tasks
#1 – Extracted Shabani
#2 – Successfully hit the floating boy with an attack
#3 – Fought off the Man of Fire
#4 – Pinpointed route to Ngumba Industrial Zone, West Guard Post from an intel file
#5 – Extracted an African Wild Dog near Ngumba industrial Zone, West Guard Post
#6 – Listened to the conversation bout the “bodies at Munoko ya Nioka Station”

* Mission Length fast: ???
* Mission max. Time for S-Rank: 14min
* All Objectives at first Run: no
* Recommended Buddy: –
* Recommended Items: –

You can’t do all Tasks in one Playthrough, so again to Videos. One for S-Rank and one for all missing Objectives (#2, #4, #5 and #6)

You find the Intel File at #1, also there is the first conversation you need to listen (Truck comes from Munoko ya Nioka Station, shortly after you arrive at [1]). Follow the Truck to [2] and listen to the next conversation. At [3] you can find the African Wild Dogs (#5) and the last conversation at [4]. To hit the floating boy with an attack (#2) you just need to hit him with a Supply Drop, after you STUN the Man of Fire via Watertank.


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