Out There FAQ


Out There FAQ
– all ten Ships (3 new Ships in the Ω Update)
– Infos about all 25 Technologies
the blue, red, green and the new yellow (Ω Update)ending
a few tipps

Ship NameImageCargoPowerEcosystemResistance
Ω Ship 1????
Ω Ship 2????
Ω Ship 3????

NameInforeqRes 1Res 2Res 3Omega
Life Seed
This marvellous technology, based on the mysterious energy of the omega ement, can transform a rocky planet into a garden planet suitable for life!-1x C1x Pt1x O1x
Death seed
This is a truly a deadly device... with the mysterious power of the Omega element, it increases the mass of a star to grow it old and transform a black hole! All life in the star system then wiped out!1x
wormhole generator
Thanks to the Omega Element this device can break the laws ofr physic and invert the mass of a blackhole. Therefore transforming them into "Lorentz Wormholes", that allow to access any wormhole in my Telescope reach without travelling!
It increases the Telescope's range as well
1x Fe1x Au1x Th +
1x Si
Geo scan
With it, i can, from the orbit of a planet list the minalers resources it holds.
can detect if a star system is inhabited by alien space fleets. it could be useful if am tying to keep a low profile
That scanning device allows to pinpoint with planets orbit a distant star-system2x Fe1x Au1x Si
That's my basic equpement that informs me about the nature of the starsStart Technology1x Fe1x Si
Gravitational lens
upgrades the power of the telescope. It analyses the alteration of the images of the celestial bodies and pinpoints the invisble masses inbetweenTelescope
Shield Generator
A magnetic Field generator, streaming trough the whole hull and protecting it from atompshiere friction when landing on planetsStart Technology2x Fe2x Pt2x Th
Void Fluctuation projector
This unbelievable device generates virtual particles out of the quantum void to create instant shields against all damge. it needs a standard shield equipment to work (+Resistance)Shield Generator
Supra-conductors protection
needs a standard shield to work. it uses the cosmic couild to turn the whole strukere into a supra-conductor material witch prevents all damage with a ceaselessly changing magnetic field (+ Resistance)Shield Generator
Thermal resonance generator
This device needs a standart shield to Function. It useses the resonace Frequency of the strucure of monitor the speed of all its particules, hence controlling its temperature. it's the perfect device to proect a ship agianst the Fury of a Star (+Resistance)Shield Generator1x Fe2x Pt2x Th
Interplanetary reactor
This reactor allows me to hop from planets to planet with a given star systemStart Technology3x Fe
Gravitational sails
are quite mysterious device allowing to cross the gravitational Fields of the huge masses b yusing there very Force. When coupled to a standard propulsion, it increases greatly its efficiency. (+Power)Interplanetary reactor
Solar Sails
are huge Fractal-streamed panels unfolding to a wide range. it uses the photonic pressure to reduce the use of Fuel during interplanetary travels. It cannot be uses without a standard propulsion, trough! (+Power)Interplanetary reactor
Space Folder
This wonderful technology, although simple, Folds the space-time continuum and allows interstellar travels. it will be the key of the conquest of space by mankind - if I am to ever Find Earth againStart Technology3x Fe1x Si
Gravitational well generator
upgrades the space Folder by virtually increasing the mass quantity of the star-system where the sjip is headed. Thus, the ship can jump towards more distant star- systems (+Power)Space Folder
Tau Stasis
alters the Flow of time around the sip, bit by bit. It works only when the ship is in the pocket universe created by the space Folder. With it, the travles with the space Folder can be done on a wider rage. (+Power)Space Folder
Subspace Reactor
works only during an interstellar travel done with the space folder. it's a photonic pressure propulsion device that works in the pocket universe created by the Space Folder. With it, I use less fuel and i can go Farther !Space Folder
Hydrogen Probe
That device throws a long-range magnetic net that gathers more Hydrogen around a gas planet.Start Technology2x Fe1x Pt
Ultra probe
This device multiples the efficiency of the Hydrogen probe. I can even use it around stars!Probe
That device allows to spend into a Frozen stasis the otherwise long travel From Earth to Jupiter.Start Technology3x Fe1x Si
Shared cryogenics
This device upgrades the cryogenics module. The alien technology allws to perform cryogenics sessions during small amounts of time. it can be sued to save a lot of ressources. And i will spend less time waiting and doing nothing ! (+ Ecosystem)Crynoics1x Fe1x Si1x Co
That small device can gather specimens of rocks on planets and asteroidsStart Technology4x Fe
Planetary expansion
This module is placed on the drilling device. It spreads with side Fractal drills on wide range, increasing greatly the result of the digDrill3x Fe1x Cu

[headline tag=’h2′]Green Ending[/headline]
After your half to the Red Ending to find xxxx then you get the green positions marker.
The green Ending is the easiest one to reach, you find the Race of Darour. (Judges / Architects Station)

[headline tag=’h2′]Blue Ending [/headline]
When you destroy the Homework of the ??? you get the Secret The Star king – Rule the Enemy Achievement

[headline tag=’h2′]Red Ending[/headline]
Reaching the Star Iron Station (They gave me the Space Folder so i was able to come here)gives you the Google Play Secret Achievement “Star Iron Station” in

If you make it back to Architects Station, use the Death Seed and travel throw the Wurmhole you get the Back Home Achievement

[headline tag=’h2′]Yellow Ending[/headline]
… still working on it 😉

  • If you use your dill, always set it to 10.

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  • Hey, this is a great guide, how did you manage to get the graphics out of the game looking so good? Are you able to do the same with the other graphic elements such as the resources and planets?

  • kgxkgxoy kyxlyxo

    You forgot the most important tip of all:this game is just a2 hour coin flip. It basically comes down to luck.

  • Cool guide!
    I also tried to first reach the red star and then visit the Darour station…… But sadly, there was nothing new, just the normal green ending.

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