If you don’t have any Magical Unlock Scroll to unlock purple Locks, you can craft them. You need:

  • Crafting Level 2
  • Magic ink and quil
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Pargament / Old Letter etc
  • Stardust Herb
  • Broad Skull

– The Stardust can be crafted by combining the Stardust Herb and Mortar and Pestle
Bonedustcan be crafted by combining the Skulls and Mortar and Pestle.
Pixie Dust is Bonedust + Stardust
Blank Witchcraft Scroll is can be crafted by compining the Pixie Dust + Letter/Pargament
– Now save and combine the Magic ink and quil + Blank Witchcraft Scroll and you may get a few Magical Unlock Scrolls

Now you can open the Fabled Chest, Mythic Chest and the Legendary Chest in the Armoury in your Homestead


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Divinity: Original Sin FAQ

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