There are four Chest you need to find, before you can open the Last Chest in your Homestead.

  1. Cyseal (North Gate): x:326, y:237
  2. Hiberheim (Cave): x356, y:53
  3. Luculla Forest (Sacred Stone): x:301, y:298 (inside the Teleporter Puzzle)
  4. Phantom Forest/Hunters Edge: x:480, y87

In very Chest you find a Dustry Parchment with a riddle that you need to solve to open the Last Chest.

  1. A full moon; a wedding ring; a wide eye –> 0
  2. The ostrich struts upon me legs, gazes through me eyes, flaps me wings, trough it never flies –> 2
  3. I am the widow’s legs, her shining eyes. I am the season in her two-year life –> 8
  4. By the unicorn’s horn, by the Cyclops’ eye, I stand the last sentinel guarding Nothingness. –> 4

So the Codeis 0284 for the Last Chest in the End of Time.


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Divinity: Original Sin FAQ

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