The Troll’s Bounty

Go to the Goblin Villiage while you standing in it, take the NW-Road. There is a hidden Entry to the Hidden Lair (). Here you need to kill the Rafflesia Abominabla first and dig up the Key to the Study behind her

With the Key enter the Study and search for all Maradio Books (3x) and read the Book Tattered Diary, that unlocks the Door and here you find Maradio’s Secret Files


With that Knowledge you can port to Lucalla Forst – Troll King Cave. Stand in “ray of light that pierceses the magic mushroom ring” and read the Book Maradio’s Secret Files and then enter the Otherworldly Hollow Cage


Now sneak (or kill everyone) to the Tenebrium Ore Vains in NW. Use your Hero that carry the Brandon’s Blood Stone Cage and use a Pickaxe one Vain a few times. Go back to Brandon and F5 and discuss his retirement plan:
– Sorry Brandon, but I could’t find any Tenebrium (You Keep Me Rockin Achievements) now F8 and
– Here’s the Tenebrium. Now what can you tell me? (Truth Be Told Achievements)

Now you have the Tenebrium Skill, with allow you to carry Tenebrium and Tenebrium Weapons, without getting the Rot

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