Windows 10 Privacy Fixer

I’ve wrote this Tool at the time there were no GUIs for Privacy Changing available.
Since then way better Tool like O&O ShutUp10 are available

very basic tool with only a few functions til now, if I get some feedback ill add more/continue. Tool is written in Autoit, there is no installer, no ads and the code is on github if you want to check it or even help out.

In Version 0.2 there are some more false-positive, if you don’t trust me, you can compile it for yourself 🙂

Test Version: win10privacyfix_v0.2.exe
SHA-256: 141b9f6e028181826c03351e2c1314f3d76d174f965674d9e74285a913e3e388
Virustotal: – 12/55

Test Version: win10privacyfix_v0.1.exe
SHA-256: 8CABBC49CD5834429F918D1370E72FBE4CE04B88E926329323931F04696D1921
Virustotal: – 06/55

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