Fallout 4 Map

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Here is my Fallout 4 (work in progress!) interactive Map: fallout4map.de

Featuers: you can:
– right click Items (like Bobbleheads), to hide them. So you know what you already collected
– add Notes to the Map, like “need to pick this Level 5 Lock”
– 30/30 Settlements
– 20/20 Bobblehead
– 14/14 Astoundingly Awesome Tales
– 10/10 Covert Operations Manual
– 10/10 Grognak the Barbarian
– 10/10 Guns and Bullets
– 9/9 Live & Love
– 9/9 Massachusetts Surgical Journal
– 8/8 Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
– 8/8 Robot Model Kits
– 9/9 Tesla Science Magazine
– 5/5 Tumblers Today
– 5/5 Unstoppables
– 5/5 Wasteland Survival Guide
– 3/3 Hot Rodder
– 2/2 La Coiffe
– 5/5 Picket Fences
– 5/5 RobCo Fun
– 5/16(?) Taboo Tattoos
– 3/3 Total Hack
– Side Quest Locations
– Misc. Objectives Locations
– Level 50 Moster, other Locations (You’re SPECIAL)

– Translations – help at crowdin.com
– (on new map) Masterlocks
– (on new map) Power Armor Locations
– (on new map) uniqe weapons

You can also add the Website to your Homescreen, then the Website is kinda “App” with a Icon and a Fullscreen Mode!


You can also use the Map in Snap mode on Xbox One, the Menu is a bit buggy (the Arrow for the Navbar is on the top right side if extended)

You can also Snap the Map on Xbox One20151114135421

22 Responses to “Fallout 4 Map”

  1. Eduardo Vaz de Mello

    Hi, first of all nice work there, I’ve been checking the map updates almost daily, I even thought on helping with the code but then you had already implemented the features I was thinking about =)

    I have one doubt, when you say “share links for locations & zoom level” you mean something like this one: http://fallout4map.de/w/index.html#2/-66.3/-67.7/m=-58.078,-127.002 (when we select an item on the map and copy the url)?

    And some suggestion (a.k.a request heh):
    Since you nicely done that export/restore state by JSON, can you implement some kind of “named state” that could be saved online so it could be shareable?
    Like, for example, I wanted to share only the Picket Fences Magazines with some people but giving them the direct link (or a share link for a location) would display everything else, which for most people is very spoiler-ish,so I didn’t.
    My initial idea would be, if you can, host locally in the server the .json you already provide with an additional property for the title (and the creator/date/etc.) so you would list them somewhere in the UI or a simplest separate page, only a list really with their titles and a shareable url so when accessed the map would load that .json state. If you prefer not having the .jsons hosted locally for any reason you could use Google Drive API, or GitHub gist API or even Pastebin.com’s simple api/raw output by urls.

    It would be great so people would share only specific content and probably would reach more people through the appropriate channels (twitter, reddit, etc).

    Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about it.

    Anyways, thanks for your work, and keep it up! =]

  2. Me

    Nice job with this map 🙂

    If you use this link, then on top center part of the map is the Suffolk County charter school. On the top floor, in the central room with the glowing one is “the unstoppables #4” magazine on the desk to the left from where you enter the room for the first time.

  3. Me

    At the “wreck of the fms northern star” in the south east of the map, on the deck is a table with an oil lamp on it. On the same table is “tales of junk town” magazine

  4. Me

    Inside reeb marina is a Tesla magazine on a table

  5. James

    Hey man, this is incredible, and I use it in conjunction with http://segmentnext.com/2015/11/21/color-coded-fallout-4-world-map-will-help-you-find-special-items-vaults-and-more/ to keep me in the right areas for my level.. Now what I wanna ask.. and maybe its too much but here goes:

    1. Can you combine these 2 ideas,, maybe work with the other guy to add this color scale of difficulty to your map?

    and 2. (The hard one) – Can you somehow make this function like the Pitboy phone app (only for map purposes) so you can see where you character is in real time on the map? These 2 features all with yours, which are already fantastic would make this the only must have companion app to have open on a 2nd screen 😀

  6. Me

    At Hyde Park, on one of the roofs is a Grognak magazine on a safe with candles http://fallout4map.de/w/index.html#4/-77.28/-74.05/w=-76.720,-79.717

  7. Roktaal

    Position of Tumblers Today 5/5 – #5 Mysteries of Maser Key Exposed! https://fallout4map.de/c/index.html#4/39.64/-10.85/m=55.578,-15.117 is wrong. It should be here: https://fallout4map.de/c/index.html#4/33.94/-10.85/w=33.578,-17.402

  8. Roktaal

    Tumblers Today 3/5 – #3 Open Any Lock in 5 Seconds from Flat https://fallout4map.de/c/#3/29.38/-2.02/m=29.535,30.762 to https://fallout4map.de/c/#4/-48.92/-36.17/w=-50.848,-36.035
    Tumblers Today 4/5 – #4 Locksmith Certification Special – Pass With Flying Colors from https://fallout4map.de/c/#4/-48.92/-36.17/w=-50.848,-36.035&m=-53.278,-37.09 to https://fallout4map.de/c/#4/45.52/-10.85/w=53.436,-12.656
    Warvick Homestead from https://fallout4map.de/c/#3/-62.84/2.20/m=-76.393,-41.484 to https://fallout4map.de/c/#4/-62.71/24.48/w=-60.370,31.201

    Thanks a lot for all your work. You made my OCD completionism much easier 🙂

    • lordfiSh

      I wonder how so many misplaced happened … fixed. Thanks 🙂

      • Roktaal

        Not sure but compared to the amount of the items/locations, it’s not much at all.
        Can you tell me are you planing to insert rare/named weapon and armor locations. It would make this an all-in-one tool for completionists like me

      • lordfiSh

        The Old Map had Armor and Weapon Locations, but since I switch the Mapimage I had to move all Location. Still a todo 😉

      • Roktaal

        I’ll be glad to help and collect all the coordinates if you want

      • lordfiSh

        sure, help is welcome!

  9. Roktaal

    Description of https://fallout4map.de/c/#3/27.29/-23.99/m=50.402,-53.086 is wrong. Taken from wiki it should be: Mystic Pines. On the sideboard table by the TV, west wall, inside the building, just north of the main entrance.


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