Fallout 4 Map

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Here is my Fallout 4 (work in progress!) interactive Map: fallout4map.de

Featuers: you can:
– right click Items (like Bobbleheads), to hide them. So you know what you already collected
– add Notes to the Map, like “need to pick this Level 5 Lock”
– 30/30 Settlements
– 20/20 Bobblehead
– 14/14 Astoundingly Awesome Tales
– 10/10 Covert Operations Manual
– 10/10 Grognak the Barbarian
– 10/10 Guns and Bullets
– 9/9 Live & Love
– 9/9 Massachusetts Surgical Journal
– 8/8 Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
– 8/8 Robot Model Kits
– 9/9 Tesla Science Magazine
– 5/5 Tumblers Today
– 5/5 Unstoppables
– 5/5 Wasteland Survival Guide
– 3/3 Hot Rodder
– 2/2 La Coiffe
– 5/5 Picket Fences
– 5/5 RobCo Fun
– 5/16(?) Taboo Tattoos
– 3/3 Total Hack
– Side Quest Locations
– Misc. Objectives Locations
– Level 50 Moster, other Locations (You’re SPECIAL)

– Translations – help at crowdin.com
– (on new map) Masterlocks
– (on new map) Power Armor Locations
– (on new map) uniqe weapons

You can also add the Website to your Homescreen, then the Website is kinda “App” with a Icon and a Fullscreen Mode!


You can also use the Map in Snap mode on Xbox One, the Menu is a bit buggy (the Arrow for the Navbar is on the top right side if extended)

You can also Snap the Map on Xbox One20151114135421

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