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Hyper Light Drifter Achievements

Achievement Tracker
ImageHyper Light Drifter Achievements
Dummy - Trick a Dirk to jump off a ledge

Chain Dash Champion - How many can you get?

Nice Shot! - Kill 5 enemies with a bomb

Meditation - Casey would know what to do

Solution: Put your Controller away and wait for exeactly 10 Minutes to unlock this Achievement
Nothing's Easy, Now is it? - Opening death

Solution: Just die in the starting Area. If you missed this Achievement you can go back. [Video]
Bully - Beat all bosses

Star Athlete

Diamonds Are Forever
Collect all modules

Solution: Collectect all 32 Modules. Here are the Locations
Line Em' Up
Hit 4 enemies with one railgun shot

The Dash Eternal

Natural Leader

Collect all Weapons

Solution: Collect & equip all Weapons - more
Librarian - Collect all tablets

Solution: Collect all 16 Tablets - more
Walk-In Closet - Collect all outfits

Solution: Collect all 9 Base Outfits. Here is a List of all Outfits and how to option them
Contender - Beat Hoarde Mode

Shine Bright
Collect all Gearbits

Solution: Collect all 186 gearbits. Here is a List with there Locations on a Map
Masochist - Beat NG+
Hoarder - Collect Everything

Solution: You don't need to get everything, but all modules, keys, gear bits, tablets, weapons, upgrades and most of the outfits (not xxx and xxx)
Don't Give Up!
You can do it!

One Shot - Finish the game without dying

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