Distill My Heart

Talk to Hershel, then go to Glen’s House to find The Art of Whisky


We know now that we need (1) barley (2) Gristand water (3) we need to distill it (4) and we need time. We can find Barley at the Field outside of the Town. Take the Barley to the Mill and use the Barley with the Millstone to create Grist. Now go Outside and take a Bucket (Near the Well) and combine it with the Well to get a Bucket with Water. Combine it with the Grist and get Wort. Now take the Wort back to Glen’s House and use the Wort on the Pot Still in the Basement. “Well we’ve got the spirit, but it won’t be any good unless we can twist time forward a decade or two… Who do we know who might be able to bend the rules of time ever-so-slightly?” Zixzax!

Ask him (with the Hero that carry s the Spirit) about it and now we have 30-year old Whisky, go back to Hershel and hand it over. As a result all Orcs are now drunk (good for the War Of The Stones Quest)

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