Divinity: Original Sin FAQ


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Quest NameLocationLevelAchievement
A Shell on the Beach Cyseal1+Shell Shock
Guards at the BridgeCyseal1+(Caught in the Game
Fire! Fire! Fire!Cyseal1+
The Shipless Sailors
[Schifflose Seeleute]
Sharmed, I' SureCyseal1+Fields of Regret
Kitty Love
Cyseal1+(You and Me
Warming the Crowd
[Die Massen unterhalten]
The Philosopher
[Der Philosoph]
Cyseal1+The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Test
The Councillor’s Wife
[Die Frau des Ratsherrn]
Cecil’s Mighty Staff
[Cecils mächtiger Stab]
A Mysterious Murder
[Ein mysteriöser Mord]
Cyseal1+Suspicious Minds
The one that got away
The Lost Archaeologist
[Der vermisste Archäologe]

The Scaredy Pact
[Der Angstpakt]
Lost Love At The Lighthouse
[Verlorene Liebe im Leuchtturm]
Cyseal5+Seam Roller
Push It Achievement
Headless Nick
[Kopfloser Niko]
The Fabulous Five
[Die Fantastischen Fünf]
Arhus Failed Experiment
[Arhus fehlgeschlagenes Experiment]
The Talking StatuesCyseal5+Is anyone home?
Mirror Dungeon puzzle. Cyseal
Legionnaires at the Church
[Legionäre an der Kirche]
The Legionnaire's Will
Cyseal8+Mister Nice Guy
No More Mister Nice Guy
The Wishing Brother – LevelCyseal14+Well, Well, Well
Find the Witch!Cyseal & Hilberheim11+
The Preacher of Earthly Delights
[Der Priester der irdischen Freuden]

Cyseal8+Echoes From the Past
Voices From the Past
The Undead Scourge [Die Untotenplage]
[Die Untotenplage]
The Skeleton King's SummonerCyseal8+Undeath Is Just the Beginning
Bricky the BomberLucalla Forst8+Leave My Girl Alone
The InitiationLucalla Forst13+
Infiltrating the ImmaculatesLucalla Forst12+Locked In +
Time to Kill
An A-mount of Healing Magic (= The Escort Job)Lucalla Forst8+an on the Silver Mountain Achievement)
The Angry TrollLucalla Forst9+
Beauty and the Beast
[Die Schöne und das Biest]-
Lucalla Forst9+
Fun with FungiLucalla Forst10+Peace Sells
Eternal WinterHilberheim11+
The Captives in the Crystal
Die in den Kristallen Gefangenen
Frederick’s Blood StoneLucalla Forst13+
Slaves and MastersLucalla Forst13+
Investigating the MinesLucalla Forst12+
Hide-and-MikasLucalla Forst13+
Rouge Dread LordsLucalla Forst13+
Miner ControlLucalla Forst13+
A Long FuseLucalla Forst13+
Goblin TroubleLucalla Forst13+
Roy’s MenagerieLucalla Forst14+
The Naked Truth Lucalla Forst14+
Closing the RiftLucalla Forst14+
The Troll's BountyLucalla Forst14+You Keep Me Rockin
Truth Be Told
The Teleporter PuzzleLucalla Forst14+
Like Father Like SonLucalla Forst14+Kingdom Come
For Whom the Troll TollsPhantom Forest15+
Infiltrating Hunter’s EdgePhantom Forest15+Sleeping Village
The Hunt in Hunters’ EdgePhantom Forest15+
The Last ChestEnd of Time15+
The Armoury KeyPhantom Forest15+
To Be, or Not to BePhantom Forest15+
Distill my HeartPhantom Forest15+Whiskey in the Jar
War Of The StonesPhantom Forest15+
The Watch is CommingPhantom Forest15+The system has failed + Disciples of the Watch
The Legend of the WeresheepLucalla & Phantom Forst 16+jo
A Forge of SoulsPhantom Forst 17+To hell with the devil + Wicked Young Man

Homestead – Rooms – Bloodstones

Every Blood/Star Stone unlocks a new Room (12) in your Homestead (also zaps count), there are 16 in total:

List of Blood/Star Stones


  • Star Stone in the crime scene in the tavern
  • Blood Stone owned by Evelyn
  • Star Stone dropped by Braccus on death
  • Star Stone on ground near exit to Luculla Forest

Black Cove

  • Blood Stone in the Pontius Pirate fight


  • Star Stone in the Immaculate Trial
  • Star Stone on Mangoth if he has sacrificed (becomes bloodstone if he has sacrificed)
  • Blood Stone in the Maradino Lair
  • Two Blood Stones in the Loic Cellar
  • Blood Stone when destroying the totem in the goblin village.


  • Star Stone in the Boreas treasure room
  • Blood Stone when destroying the Iron Maiden in the prison

Phantom Forest

  • Star Stone in the tomb at the end of the knight
  • Star Stone buried in the source temple near the teleportation mirror
  • Blood Stone near CassandraÁ§””´ actual corpse in the Temple of the Dead

If a Blood/Star Stone is used they will turn into a Insert Stone (sell or trash them, you don’t need them anymore)


How can i open purble Locks? Some Locks have Keys, some can only be unlocked by a Magical Unlock Scroll. If you don’t have a Scroll, you can craft them

NameLocationHow to Unlock
DoorCyseal, Warehousejust speak with the Guard
Chest of the Source KingCyseal, Desecrated ChurchCasandra’s Skeleton drop Key of the Source King
DoorHunters Edge, Warehousefrom the Quest The Armoury Key
Fabled ChestHomestead, ArmoryMagical Unlock Scroll
Mythic ChestHomestead, ArmoryMagical Unlock Scroll
Legendary ChestHomestead, ArmoryMagical Unlock Scroll


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