Frederick’s Blood Stone

[headline tag=’h2′]Frederick’s Blood Stone[/headline]
The Quest stats with Bonnie at the Pickaxe Tavern in Silverglen (Bricky the Bomber Quest). Frederick also start the Quest. If talk to Frederick and wait to long (doing a few Quests), he will die! (as for me in the Video)

Go trough the Goblin Villiage while you standing in it, take the NW-Road. There is a hidden Entry to Frederick’s/Maradio’s Hidden Lair.
Here you need to kill the Rafflesia Abominabla first and then dig up the Key to enter Maradino’s study.


Search and read the Book, that unlocks the Door to the hidden Study.


Here you find a (the) Bloodstone and also Maradio”™s Secret Files, you need that later for the The Troll”™s Bounty Quest.
Also a Part of The Legend of the Weresheep Quest.

[headline tag=’h2′]Slaves and Masters[/headline]
To solve this Quest there are several possibility’s:

Imp Free

  • Go in the Cave and find the Imp and talk to him, say that he is free =Independent Trait (+1 Willpower)
  • You gave give im the Potion of Imp Fearlessness (Apple + Pumkin, can be both found in the Garden behind Rafflesia Abominabla)
  • then the Imp run to Frederick and then run away

Imp Slave

  • Go in the Cave and find the Imp and talk to him, say that should face his master
  • If Frederick is alive/hurt he will kill the Imp
  • If Frederick is dead the Imp runs away

If you talk to Frederick before the Imp, while you having Frederick Bloodstone (or any Bloodstone)

  • you give Frederick the Bloodstone
  • Frederick use the Bloodstone on himself (Portal unlock in the End of time!), if the Imp is already gone or dead he attacks you
  • If the Imp is still there, you can tell him to either go kill the imp or not. If you choose not to, he attacks you

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