[temp] Mass Effect 3 Endings

Mass Effect 3 Endings, table is not complete and maybe not correct.

Mass Effect 3 Endings

Effective Military Strength Control (Blue) Synergy (green)Destroy (red)The Ship crashs on the planet and...
< 1750n/an/aEarth will be destroyed [Video]door will open (but u dont see who)
1750You control the Reaper, but Earth will be destroyed
2350 Citadel will be not destroyed [Video] Joker, your Parter and EDI get of the Normandy
2800 Mass Relays get not destroyed? [Video]Joker & EDI Ending
5000[Video] Joker, your Parter get of the Normandy, EDI is dead + Sheppard is alive

Mass Effect 3 Endings, with ME2 Savefile Import, where you saved the Collectors Base

Effective Military Strength Control (Blue) Synergy (green)Destroy (red)The Ship crashs on the planet and...
< 1750
1750London Tower destoryed [Video]
1900Reapers destoryed, Lodon Tower too [Video]

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5 commentsOn [temp] Mass Effect 3 Endings

  • You don’t need 5000 military srenght to get the best Red ending, 4000 is enuf. 

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  • I have near 3000 of strength and red destroyed earth… and everything :D.
    Door open, but don’t see who

  • Queen Triplezero

    @Diagual – was your strength the full military strength or your final strength after the initial push? There are two numbers, and it’s the second number that determines your success at the end of the game.  The way to improve this is to have a readiness percentage of over 80% though 100% is the best possible option.  

  • From what I was hearing you need 5k if TIM shoots Anderson twice, if you shoot TIM first you only need 4k.

    Anybody know if that is right or just a rumor?

    I really haven’t felt like going through that ending again with my other Sheps so I haven’t tried to aim for any of the “wildly divergent” endings except for Destroy with very high EMS.

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