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ToC Guide still in progress, for bold Quests are Solution available

Quests (incomplete list)

– The End at the Beginning
– Harbinger of Destruction
– Newly Arisen
– Upon a Pawn
– Call of the Arisen
– A Rude Awakening
– Off With Its Head
– A Master of Myrmidons
– Lure of the Abyss
– The Cypher
– A Fortress Besieged
Seeking Salvation (Die Spur der Erlöser)
– Come to Court

– Floral Delivery
– Grim Tidings
– Lost Faith
– Guard Duty
– An Uninvited Guest
– Deep Trouble
– Deeper Trouble
– Dying of Curiosity

– The Encampment: Strength in Numbers
– The Encampment: Lost and Found

– Gran Soren: Reaper’s Scorn
– Gran Soren: Land of Opportunity (Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten)
– Gran Soren: A Troublesome Tome
– Gran Soren: Nameless Terror (Namenloser Schrecken)
– Gran Soren: Chasing Shadows
– Gran Soren: Justice Done
– Gran Soren: The Conspirators
– Gran Soren: Escort Duty
– Gran Soren: Supplier’s Demand
– Gran Soren: Idol Worship

Notice Board Quests
– Cassardis: Goblin Raid (Schrecken der Landstraße)
– Cassardis: He Should Be So Lucky (Er sollte sich glücklich schÁ¤tzen)
– Cassardis: Rat Catcher (RattenfÁ¤nger)
– Cassardis: Burden of Proof (Beweislast)
– Cassardis: Quell the Hobs
– Cassardis: Guardsman Sought
– Cassardis: Scholarly Pursuit
– Cassardis: Venture Forth
– Cassardis: The Heart’s Compass

– The Encampment: ? (Eine grassierende Seuche)
– The Encampment: ? (Die KrÁ¤fte erwecken)
– The Encampment: ? (Eines Helden wert)
– The Encampment: ? (Die KrÁ¤fte wecken)
– The Encampment: ? (Eine Plage der Lüfte)

– Pawn Guild: Put the Eye Out
– Pawn Guild: ? (Der Knochen des Anstoßes)
– Pawn Guild: ? (Schwestern in Gefahr)
– Pawn Guild: ? (Der abwesende Lehrling)
– Pawn Guild: ? (Der abwesende Lehrling #2)
– Pawn Guild: ? (Die gierige Meute)
– Pawn Guild: ? Monsterhatz
– Pawn Guild: ? Sumpfdinger
– Pawn Guild: ? Grausige TrophÁ¤e

– Arsmith’s Alehouse: Witch’s Brew (HexengebrÁ¤u)
– Arsmith’s Alehouse: ? Im Dienste der Diplomatie
– Arsmith’s Alehouse: ? (Eine kostspieliges Zechgelage)
– Arsmith’s Alehouse: ? (LÁ¤rm, der Freude macht)
– Arsmith’s Alehouse: ? (Steuerfahndung)
– Arsmith’s Alehouse: ? (Die Freuden des Feinschmeckers)
Arsmith’s Alehouse: Snakesin Purse (Verlegt)

– Union Inn: ? (Eine Erkundungstour )
– Union Inn: ? (Einmal reisen)
– Union Inn: ? (Ein vorsichtiger Sammler)
– Union Inn: ? (Das Manöver)
– Union Inn: ? (Das Manöver #2)

– From a Different Sky #1
– From a Different Sky #2

Quest Tipps

[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Seeking Salvation (Die Spur der Erlöser)”]
Seeking Salvation (Die Spur der Erlöser)
– Video: Finding Mason

[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Land of Opportunity (Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten)”]
Land of Opportunity (Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten)
– Video: Finding Jaserp
– Video: Finding Pep

[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Nameless Terror (Namenloser Schrecken)”]
Nameless Terror (Namenloser Schrecken)
Location: Gran Soren
Start: Ser Rickart
Pre-Requisite: Seeking Salvation, Come to Court

In this Quest you have no visible Questmarkers. You need to kill five NPCs at Night at variose Places (Video)
– at the The Ancient Quarry North Entrance
– north of “Catacombs Rear Passage 2”, where ne Road splits
– at the Mountenway from Gran Soren to Mountain Waycastle
– at the Road to Cassardis, near the Abandoned Storehouse
and the laste on at the Gates from Cassardis


[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Escort Duty, Supplier’s Demand & Idol Worship #GoldIdol “]
Escort Duty (Fournivals House in the Noble Quarter)
+ Supplier’s Demand (Madeleine Venery)
+ Idol Worship (Caxton, the weapnsmith in the Urban Quarter)
Location: Gran Soren
Start: Fournivals House
Pre-Requisite: ?
Reward: 7500 XP, 5000 Gold

After you got the Gold Idol, you may forge it for ~ 138.000 Gold to complete both Quests.


[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Arsmith’s Alehouse: Snakesin Purse (Verlegt)”]
Arsmith’s Alehouse: Snakesin Purse (Verlegt)

Here you find the Snakesin Purse
image image


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