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iTuner ist ein kleines Tool welches sich nach der Installtion im Systray hängt und von dort aus einige zusatz Funktionen für iTnues anbietet, u.A.: Hotkey Funktionen (wer keine Multimedia Tasten hat, bzw die MediaKey.dll nicht funktioniert), Notify Window (Song Name etc, wenn das Lied gewechselt wird) und der Librarian Helper (löscht doppelte oder tote Tracks aus der Liste)

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  • Automated library maintenance and optimization
    • Remove "dead tracks" – tracks in library without corresponding data files
    • Remove duplicates – multi-level intelligent processing to identify and archive duplicate tracks
    • Remove empty directories – delete empty hard-drive directories left over by iTunes' organize
    • Automatically import media files not yet in iTunes Library – now available in Beta 3!
  • Synchronize one or more playlists directly to a selected USB MP3 player
  • Easy playlist export
    • Export an album, an iTunes playlist, or all tracks by an artist with just a couple of clicks
    • Convert the iTunes tracks to any supported music format, AAC, AIFF, M4A, MP3, or WAV
    • Copy these tracks to any location, disk, USB, along with a playlist index file such as M3U, PLS, WPL, and ZPL
  • Global hot key control of iTunes playback with customizations
  • Automatic lyric discovery using multiple online providers
  • Quick access to view lyrics of current track
  • System Tray icon showing the current player state: play or pause
  • Notify popup showing current track information, title, artist, album
  • Detailed track information with quick link to storage folder on disk
  • Indication of source location, standard music library, movies, TV shows, podcasts, radio
  • Basic playback controls including, next/prev track, play/pause, volume, position, rating, and shuffle
  • Basic track information editor to customize title, artist, and album


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