Assassin’s Creed IV: Destroyer


To upgrading your ship fully you not only need a shitload of €€€ and metal, for the last update of every weapon and one storage you also need to find a upgrade plan for it. Look at the Excavator Guide for a Video of every* location

    1) elite swivel guns: Devil’s Eye Caverns (487, 357)
    2) elite set of cannons: The Blue Hole (471,170)
    3) elite Fire Barrels: San Juan (479, 487)
    4) elite harpoon: Andreas Island (579, 720)
    5) elite heavy shot: Misteriosa (306, 195)
    6) elite heavy shot storage: Petite Cavern (901, 263)
    7) elite fire Barrel Storage: Isla Providencia (502, 44)
    8) elite ram: La Conception Wreck (181,296)
    9) elite Round Shot: Kabah Ruins (769,145)
    10) elite hull: San Ignacio Wreck (379, 770)
    11) elite Mortars: (Antocha, 630,660)

Your Main Income is Kenway’s Fleet and boarding Ships with a lot of ships with sugar and rum on board, 100 Sugar worth 2000R and 100 rum worth 1500 R. Also search for treasure fleets and dig all 4000 R treasure chests (Excavator Guide).

  • EdwardtheKenway

    Ich meinte den Rumpf für die Jackdaw, sorry.

  • EdwardtheKenway

    Und der Elite Mörser, also nicht den Storage?

    • elite Mortars: (Antocha, 630,660)

  • Jack

    Hey, I found a small issue with this map, number 1 and 2 have been mixed up, so if anyone is looking for the elite swivel guns go to number 2 on the map not number one. The same applies for the elite set of cannons. The coordinates are correct next to the name so just always double check them before going to a location. But thanks for the awesome map lordfiSh!

  • Brad

    There is no #11 on your map

    • uh thats true, but you have the coordinates