Assassin’s Creed IV: Devil Of The Caribbean


There are four (five) legendary ships (all LV75 Man-of-war):

HMS Prince in the bottom right corner (easy): A Normal man-of-war
La Dama Negra in the bottom left corner (easy): Like to use the ram, no heavy shot
El Impoluto in the top left corner (easy): focus on motar, you dont see where to motar will hit
Royal Sovereign AND HMS Fearless in the top right corner (hard): ridiculously fast ships, if they are low on hp they will ram to death

Don’t take them if you don’t have a fully upgraded armor, ram, mortar and cannons! (Take a look at the Destroyer Achievement Guide if you missing upgrades). Sometime the ships aren’t there where they should be, just quick travel somewhere else and come back

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  1. sidereal

    Mate El Impoluto does not fire mortars. La Dama Negra fires the mortars you mention. The hardest ship to beat is by far El Impoluto

  2. fish

    El Impoluto is easy, as you can see in the video


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