…They’re Action Figures

Location of all 20 Bobbleheads, none of them can be missed

Strength bobbleheadMass Fusion building
Perception bobbleheadMuseum of Freedom
Endurance bobbleheadPoseidon Energy
Charisma bobbleheadParsons State Insane Asylum
Intelligence bobbleheadBoston Public Library
Agility bobbleheadWreck of the FMS Northern Star
Luck bobbleheadSpectacle Island
Barter bobbleheadLongneck Lukowski's Cannery
Big guns bobbleheadVault 95
Energy weapons bobbleheadFort Hagen
Explosives bobbleheadSaugus Ironworks
Lock picking bobbleheadPickman Gallery
Medicine bobbleheadVault 81
Melee bobbleheadTrinity Tower
Repair bobbleheadCorvega assembly plant
Science bobbleheadMalden Middle School  ( Vault 75 )
Small guns bobbleheadGunners plaza
Sneak bobbleheadDunwich Borers
Speech bobbleheadPark Street station  ( Vault 114 )
Unarmed bobbleheadAtom Cats garage

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