Quest: The Initation

After you arrived at Silverglen go the Immaculate Chapel and speak with Loic about the joining the Immaculates. He then ask you three Questions (the Answers can be found in the Books Immaculate 1-2)

  1. In honour of the goddes, what witch was stellar must become sanguine: Correct!
  2. The Blood of the greater should be used in service of the lesser so that balance may be achieved: Incorrect
  3. Only those who have partaken in the spilling of blood and thereby created the stone that lvies – the stone soaked with blood- may be called an Immacuate: Correct!

Then go towards the Foreboding Trail Grounds in the North/West, on your Way you meet group of Immaculates, you can say that you on Initiation, but you get Charisma XP for Intimidate/Charm/Reason with them. The first Puzzle is about “those who can balance the weights of knowledge will see the walls of ignorance evanesce afore there eyes”. Here are four Button, where you have to place Objects with sertain weights

  1. East: 1.5-2kg, a few Books
  2. South: 5kg, a Vase
  3. North: 1kg, the Candles
  4. West: 7.5kg, a Heavy Barrel


The last riddle is about four switches, on the west wall you can see the Solution of the Switches Positions 2014-07-11[13-11-22]

Locked in Achievement

To unlock this Achievement you need to steal the Key from Loic, so he can’t run away and get the Initation Guards. To steal the Key from him you need 11 Dex and 6 Pickpocketing Skill, 12 Dex and 5 Pickpocketing works also.

Quest: Infiltrating the Immaculates

After you killed Loic the Quest The Initation is completed. Locic will drop the Enlightend Amulet and the Key for the Immaculate Chapel Basement (Church Hatch Key) , go there now. There you find two Blood Stones and a Portal that will Teleport you to the East Side of the Lucalla Forest. Below the Portal you find the Teleporter Maze/Puzzle (and one of the “Last Chests“), in the North the Immaculate Temple and to the Nord-East the Immaculate Village. We can enter the Immaculate Village if we speak with the Guards (the Hero that speaks needs to carry the Enlightend Amulet). From the Geomancer’s or Tenebrium Smith’s Shop you can steal Tenebrium (if you did’t solve the The Troll’s Bounty Quest by now) and behind the Blood-Waterfall is a hidden Cheats Next we have to go to the Immaculate Cathedral , unlink your Party and move only with one Hero over Blood trail, if you dont want to get killed by the Mines. 2014-07-11[14-24-25] Inside the Cathedral you need to lit all four Coal Basket to unlock the hidden Door. After the fight you need to find another hidden Entracy, from the Librarien we know that Mangoth is always sneaking behind pillars… 2014-07-22_00034

In Order to access the Room in the middle you need to solve a puzzle with four Buttons. The right Order can be found in the Book “The Necronomicon of Cooking“. With the Knowledge of the Book and the compass on the Ground you should figure out the right combination.

–> South, East, West and North

Now you can combine ??? (from the Quest Investigating the Mines )and Vial of Leandra’s Blood and get the XXX Spellbook (can be used for the entire Party) = Time to Kill Achievement

  • Quest: Infiltrating the Immaculates (= The Initiation)
  • Quest: Die Makelllosen infiltrieren (= Die Initiation)
  • Quest start with: Samid / Loic
  • Recommended Level: 12-14
  • Achievement: Locked In + Time to Kill


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